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We invest time and resources in order to deliver a truly value added service to our clients.

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Most search processes sound pretty much the same when presented by our competitors.

At Webbe, we consider this in far more depth and it is based on the following:

  • Quality of information gathering and presentation.
  • Transparency and clarity displayed to the Client; we honour our hands off agreements and support our views with hard evidence.
  • A strict process and timeline which we adhere to with clear objectives.
  • Confidentiality and integrity.

Four Key Questions in Choosing Your Search Company:

  • Is the search company able to source from different asset classes and geographical locations and deliver out of the box ideas, rather than the same old shortlist?
  • Does your search company close effectively on searches and add value?
  • Is the search company pro-active in discussing market intelligence in such a way that it can help your bottom-line?
  • Does the search company have regional Asia coverage and does it have the resources to deliver in an ever changing market?
The answer - find out what Webbe delivers and contact us today. It may exceed your expectations of what a search company can really do.

Webbe International has two key products: Executive Search and Strategic Consultancy. This is a strong business model and matched by few of our competitors. We have invested time and resources in order to deliver a truly value added service to our clients.

Key areas of expertise / products are:

  • In-depth feedback from end users e.g. Fund Managers, Corporates, Government bodies across all product areas.
  • Competitor analysis looking at structural, qualitative and quantitative issues.
  • Country-specific e.g. China product/client base for Financial Markets and Investment Banking.
  • All of our Product Specialists think in a Strategic way and can deliver value added services.

The 3 Boxes element represents the perpetually growing nature of Webbe International’s knowledge, providing an image of constant evolution to an even stronger executive search firm.